Reggae Powerhouse Band has been a long time coming, everyone involved with the band has been on the music scene for years. As for me, oh yes, I am Leroy Scarlet , I started my musical journey in the early seventies back in the days of Kilimanjaro when I was about twelve years old, I followed Kilimanjaro around lifting the boxes and stuff, until I started singing, then went on to recording songs with Sly and Robbie. Not long after that I started producing. I have since produced music and recorded songs with almost everyone in the business including giants like Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, Frankie Paul, Beres Hammond, Bennie Man, Bounty Killa, Sizzla, Capleton Luciano, etc. the list is endless. So as it stands, this journey hasn’t just started, it has been a long time in the making.
In putting the band together one of my greatest influence was Duckie Simpson, from Black Uhuru. I work with musicians like Speckle a well known musician, he is like the next Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare on live drum right now, he’s the man. He is really the backbone of the band as he organizes the other musicians.
The first album is almost finish, it includes musicians like Sly and Robbie, the band itself plays a lot of tracks, Firehouse Crew, Bobby Digital, different producers on board producing tracks for the band. Cordel Agen Dunnah is one of the lead singers he is an Antiguan with a unique sound. I met him in Antigua and put him on the stage, watched him perform and loved his sound so I decided he was going be one of us. The next lead singer is Pernel Winchester from Tobago. I take singers from different island to get different sounds and different ideas because we a trying to create a unique sound for the Reggae Powerhouse band.
Listed below are our six completed tracks, we are half way towards completing the twelve track debut album. Nothing nar Gwaan is a collaboration with Sizzla. Online Magazine Reggae vibes writes on Feb 4th “Reggae Powerhouse Band … latest offering is this solid effort in combination with Sizzla. The international known and respected artist describes the difficulties of surviving in the system. With catchy melodies and relevant lyrics, this song comes at an excellent time and is expected to resonate well with an authentic reggae audience.” ‘Roots’ was done with Luciano the messenger it is something special indeed. Love for the Woman is already creating a buzz with over 20,000 views on our Facebook page with Skanking and Hello not far behind Later on we will also be releasing a twenty track album called Tribute to the legend, The Past and the Present. We are trying to do as much cover as possible on this album because it is really about the Tributes to the legends, both past and the present. We have looked over some great tracks like those of Peter Tosh, Gregory Isaac and Dennis Brown. It’s really gonna be something, look out for it, it’s coming soon.


Nothing Nar Gwaan https://youtu.be/EUT4jg_uDCA

Love For The Woman https://youtu.be/QcKvX4oyW88/

Roots https://www.facebook.com/reggaepowerhouseband/videos/2025971147620504/

Skanking https://youtu.be/4RXNW-_HydA

Awah https://www.facebook.com/reggaepowerhouseband/videos/2030325803851705/

Hello https://youtu.be/2UdVpx05cYE

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Producer: Leroy Scarlett – 1 268 722 2091 - Whatsapp

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Trinidad and Tobago national Pernel Winchester is another of our leads. This talented Tobagonian has a

powerful melodic voice and commanding stage


What does Buju Banton, Red Dragon, Sanchez,Flourgon and Don T have in common? They all grew up in the same area of Kingston, Jamaica -White hall avenue off Red Hills Road. Whitehall has become known as the proverbial breeding ground for many of the Island's upcoming and also established entertainers.
Donovan Thompson, a.k.a. Don T is a graduate of Edith Dalton James High school. Although he worked briefly in a pharmacy,Don T had a burning
desire to be a deejay. 'Music is in my blood'. I grew up with so many entertainers that it was only natural'. In 1986 Don T approached Rambo
International, a popular sound system, and got his first opportunity 'fi chat pan a mike'.Later on he attended a dance sponsored by Stereo One sound system where Lt. Stichie was 'mashing up di place'.Don T remembers, ' I couldn't move, I was mesmerized.' I knew at that moment that I too wanted to have the crowd screaming out my name, just like Stichie. This experience stimulated a musical transformation for Don T, who began writing and composing songs.
Further inspiration came from the internationally successful double grammy winning Shabba Ranks, the lyrically conscious Tony Rebel and the symbolic Fire-burning Capleton. Don T did a track with Buju called 'Big Up' which topped local charts. Soon after that, he was approached by legendary producers Steely and Clevie, for whom he recorded ' Man Dead' and ' Gal Ah yuh smile' for Winston Riley's Techniques label. In 1992 Don T signed a recording deal with Big Beat Records, a subsidiary of Atlantic Records. Recorded in Kingston and New York, his debut Big Beat/Atlantic album,'Professional Girls Man' was released in 1994,featuring the under ground hit single "Da Riddim"…
But what catapulted Don T to the attention of music lovers was his collaboration with his award winning label mates Inner Circle, with whom he did a remix of " Bad Boys" (the international hit theme song from the TV series- COPS).He also deejayed on the remix of the group's follow up hit " Sweat( A la la la la long)."In addition to his career as a recording artiste,Don T, who began playing the guitar for only a short while,has achieved instant success and recognition as a guitarist. Playing on his very first session for
YOUNG BLOOD RECORDS, Don T created the smash hit acoustic Guitar rhythm ( Soul Food Rhythm).This solo guitar track is the rhythm that can be heard on Chuck Fender's hit single, "OH MY LORD".
In 2002 Leroy met Don T in Stony Hill at Music Mountain studio. Don T took his guitar and played ‘ah whole heap ah tune, Leroy swore they were the best he heard in a long time. They started on a couple of projects, recorded a track with the Fire House Crew and worked with Clive Hunt and Junior Delgado. Fast forward some fifteen years later and they are back together again in Leroy’s Reggae Powerhouse Band where Don T is currently one of the lead singers.

Jermaine Robinson brings solid experience to the band, this Jamaican lead singer is very talented and

brings balance to the band

Cordel Agen Dunnah is one of the lead singers he is an Antiguan with a unique sound.