The world has a new entry on the reggae stage, and it is the Reggae Powerhouse Band. We have come together to musically unite the world.

This band has been a long time coming, everyone involved with the band has been on the music scene for years. As for me, oh yes, I am Leroy Scarlet and I started this journey when I was about twelve years old, back in the days of Kilimanjaro, I was a box lifter and continued to follow the sound until I started singing, then went on to recording songs with Sly and Robbie. Not long after that I started producing, I produced music and recorded songs with almost everyone I worked with. So as it stands, this journey hasn’t just started, it has been a long time in the making.

I have to mention my representation of the GMQex Music Network, I started with a radio station and began the promotion and development of their brand Kbitradio and Reggae Lives. To date I am still driving the brand and our collaboration goes from strength to strength.

My greatest influence into starting the band was Duckie Simpson, from Black Uhuru, he mentioned what was going on with him, Micheal Rose and the whole history, we discussed what we saw taking place with artists and bands, and because I’ve always wanted to be a part of something meaning, and as it happens, I think bands have to do with unity, because, if its eight people in the band, then its eight different energy forms, eight different methods strength, eight different ideas. Now since a band is a team effort, and after speaking with Duckie, his idea of a band was definitely a good idea.

In putting the band together, I worked with musicians like Speckle, he is a well known musician, he is like the next Sly Dunbar and drum, live drum right now, he’s the man. He is really the backbone of the band as he organizes the other musicians, put them together, etc. With all the players in the band, they have played for some of the biggest reggae ox in jamaica so we just put everything together.

How we came up with the name reggae powerhouse?
There is a lady from London who produced the movie One Love, she flew to Jamaica to see if she could get the permission from Gregory Isaacs wife to deliver the life story of Gregory Isaacs. When she reach Jamaica there was little problem between the two wives, so the manager decided to squash that. The documentary was something that had to be done so we went to Sly and Robbie to talk about the whole thing. And he said “Lee, the story doesn’t have to be based on Gregory Isaacs life story, just call the thing reggae powerhouse band and involve all of the powerhouses of reggae music into the documentary,” so that is how the name Reggae Powerhouse came about.

So we started the documentary even though we have a long way to go with that so in the meantime we came up with the band and also called it Reggae Powerhouse Band. The first album is almost finish, we have musicians like Sly and Robbie, the band itself plays a lot of tracks, Firehouse Crew, Bobby Digital, different producers on board that produces the tracks for the album, Reggae Powerhouse. So yes it’s a good look. The lead singers for the band right now, most of them are fresh to the world as an artist, Bless Eye, he is an Antiguan, but he has a unique sound. I came to antigua, ran into to him, put him on the stage and watched him perform and I loved his sound and decided he was going be one of them. The next lead singer is from Tobago, he goes by the name of Cabaysi, so i try to take singer from different island to get different sounds and different ideas because we a trying to create a different sound to reggae music.

The first single now ready is done by Bless Eye as he is the lead singer for most of the tracks on the album. In a couple weeks our first single will be drop, there will soon be a release date. After the release of the single, a few month after will be the release on the album and it’s a twenty track album called Tribute to the legend, The Past and the Present. What we do with legends who have passed it that we cover one of the tracks from the catalogue and put it on the album and we are trying to do as much cover as possible because it is really about the Tributes to the legends, the ones both of the past and the present, so even the ones that are here today, we are trying our best to cover some of their tracks as well, and right now we are doing a good job as we have looked over some great tracks like those of Peter Tosh, Gregory Isaac and Dennis Brown. It’s really gonna be something for the year, don’t worry, it’s coming soon.

You can check us out on the reggae powerhouse band website as there you’ll find tracks you can listen to, pictures of the different artists, musicians interviews and stuff like that with sly and robbie, Clive Hunt, Bless I and all the other musicians and artists that will be involved.
You’ll be seeing our faces all over the place so you’re gonna get tired of seeing our faces
One Love, One Heart, One Aim
So we coming at you with love, passion, culture, roots reggae.